Our Philosphy

The Canadian Women's Club of Atlanta (CWC Atlanta) brings together women with Canadian background to meet, chat, reminisce and explore their new country. We know that leaving our home, country, family and friends can impact us in varying degrees, and we would like to make the transition easier by offering our support.  E-mail us and someone will contact you.

Our History

The Canadian Women's Club of Atlanta (CWC Atlanta) was established in 1974 as a non-profit cultural and social club to provide a venue where women with the common thread of a Canadian background can get together. Our members are women with Canadian connections: they are Canadian born, of Canadian ancestry, naturalized Canadians, or married or formerly married to a Canadian. We maintain ties to the Canadian Consulate and to the Canadian American Society of the Southeastern United States, both located here in Atlanta.

Today, the club has members who have lived in the Atlanta area for times varying from a few months to over 30 years.  Some are here on visas, some hold "green cards", and some are now US citizens.  Regardless of the time they have lived here, though, they all have ties to Canada and enjoy getting together to keep the Maple Leaf alive in their hearts.


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